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Here are a few of the most recent commissions I have done. I love painting commissions and bringing a customers picture to life in oils.


This image is from the West of Ireland. I was commissioned to do three pieces. The customer did have photographs. It was taken during lockdown and the customer wanted all the details in there - the chairs outside, the gentleman on the stool outside. I had to work from two different images which I put together to capture everything the customer wanted. When painting buildings like this one I always draw it out first to get all the proportions correct.


This is the second painting I did for the commission of three paintings. Again this was during lockdown and the family were having a social distancing outside birthday party. The customer wanted everything in the painting - the old trampoline, the sash on the tree and the washing line. I think it all makes for a lovely quirky painting which is really special to the customer.


This is one I did of a local cafe. The front of the building is so pretty. When painting I put down the first wash then leave it to dry and add layer after layer. This way I can add as much precise details as possible and make it look as realistic as possible. My favourite step of a painting is when I have completed all the layers and I can start adding the details.


This is a commission I did for a customer is Europe. They had been to Portmagee in the West of Ireland on several holidays and loved the area. I had already painted it but that painting had been sold so the customer asked for another one. He did not have a photograph but luckily we had been on holiday there a few times. I will also use online images to get as much detail as possible, in this case the houses along the harbour front.

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